BECKY MCFADDEN - vocals & piano
SEAN MCFADDEN - guitar & vocals
DARRYL SEIWELL - horns, piano & vocals
JODY KENNEDY - bass, piano & vocals
TIM PERRY- lead guitar & vocals

becky and the beasts

Live music on the deck at Molly's May 24 2012

One of the pleasant surprises on the deck this year was the
visitor musicians that joined the band for just a song or two.

Listen to :
PHIL MANGUM singing you got to move
cold shot
moon dance

LOTS more music here from sep 17 2010

BEER SPILLED straight into the socket set

Note that all recordings made on this web site were done with either this SONY digital recorder or this TASCAM recorder.
I was very surprised at the quality that I got from the SONY
considering that it cost $40.
The TASCAM is not as rugged and since I am on foot I don't
always bring it out in foul weather.
The TASCAM eats AA batteries.
It seems to always run out of juice while recording at gigs.
The sony lasts weeks on 2 AAA batteries so I use it as backup for when the TASCAM drops dead.
The only real drawback with the sony is that it does not create MP3 files.
I have to do PLAYBACK on the sony and direct wirefeed the audio to a PC
or the TASCAM to create MP3 files.